About Us

Our winning Recipe for Success combines: Experience + Talent + Enthusiasm + Passion
Bluefin Service is a privately-held, full-service digital agency, founded in 2019 in CHICAGO LAND AREA, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service. We hand-picked our experienced creative professional team with very strong talent in every field. We ensure the design of your product is capturing the unique qualities of your business through successful brand design, we will generate enthusiasm and establish a long term emotional connections with your target audience, helping you gain ground over your competitors. We believe that great ideas make the design distinctive; and that our approach in the areas of identity, function, and aesthetics make our work an invaluable commodity to our clients. Let us show you how to take your project from concept to completion.

We Listen. Our approach is based on solid collaboration – we build sites that fulfill the needs of our clients and meet and exceed expectations. Before our talented design and development teams ever begin on a project, we work with you as consultants to define the scope of the project. We gain a detailed understanding of not only your business, but your audience as well and determine what it is that we’re trying to accomplish.

We Educate. Our approach to any project is always an educational one. The more you know about your options, the better we can satisfy your needs. This is were we discuss and determine the best possible solutions that will benefit your project.

We Create. Since we now have a firm understanding on the project goals and strategic direction, we start the process of creating design concepts (establishing the overall visual treatment), site mapping/organization, animation, storyboarding, usability and development.

We believe that our unique passion is valuable and that’s the foundation of Bluefin Service. We’re a small firm. We take pride in our work.